Possibility Machine

For two options say TRUE or FALSE, YES or NO, Man or Woman, Lose or Win etc. get every possibility from a number of tries. Try this game out and see if it helps in your betting or whatever. Use to visualise your chances of getting a good result in whatever you are trying. Report any issues in comments.
No of Lines (1 to 20)
Option I (e.g True)
Option II (e.g False)
Check to Show Randomly, else serial takes precedence
Assuming you have no clue on how to use this, let me show you. The president of your country has 5 vacant cabinet seats to fill. He is to use men or women in any combination he wants. To see all possibilities of what his cabinet list could be, type in 5 in the number of lines, then make optionI Man, and optionII Woman. Try it out and see!