Have You Shortened the Link?

You have just shortened your link and you want to know how to track clicks. It is simple here. Remember, while shortening the link here, you were asked for your email address. If you remember the email, just head to the bottom of the homepage in a new tab or window and find the Tracking box.

Have you found your link yet?

In the tracking box, it is either you type in your email or you type in the link you shortened, if you remember it. The link field can accomodate the long address and the shortened address. Whichevern data you have can help find your link.

The implications of the fields filled are:
If you typed in just your email address, every link you have shortened with that same address will be shown so that you can select the link you want to track.
If you typed in just a link, every link from anyone that points to the address you typed in will be shown, irrespective of who shortened it.
If you include your email and the link, only that single link which have been shortened by you will be shown. Therefore, if you include your email, you increase the precision of showing your own link.

As soon as you find your link, just click on it and you will be taken to the Analytics page where you can track clicks on it.

Tracking by day

The default page shown will show all the clicks, sorted by days, and will show you clicks within the last 30 days. You can use the date buttons to select the range of dates you want to see results for. As soon as you select the dates you want to see results for, e.g 01/25/2012 (MM/DD/YYYY) 25th January, 2012 to 01/25/2015 (MM/DD/YYYY) 25th January, 2015, click on search and the results will be shown.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find other options such as Viewing results by Year, Month and Custom.

Tracking by month and year

This works the same way as day, except that results will be shown in months and year, depending on your chosen options. You can use it to compare clicks over a long range of time.

Custom Tracking

The most important of all tools is the custom tracking. Here, you can select date range you want to see results for, just like in any other analytics tracking tool. But there are other things you may need to track, like what device type clicks came from, such as mobile, desktop, tablet and handheld. You can also track which IP clicks came from, and even go further to see where (country, state, city and network) the IP is from. And then, you can know who referred the clicks, that is, where every click came from.

If you need to track Referrer from a specific website (dorotv.com for example), that is where the click came from, this is how to: Type in dorotv.com in the field. Clicks from any page, even from dorotv.com/v/1000 will be shown. But if you type in dorotv.com/v/100 Only clicks from that exact url will be shown. Therefore, use domain name(dorotv.com) to track all clicks and include sub directories when you need to track specific pages.

If you need to track IP address, just type in the address. Maybe you need to know how many clicks came from a particular network or office whose IP is, type in and you will see the clicks. If you type in anything short of a complete set of IP address, any click with IP that matches that criteria will be shown. Example, if you type in 110.199. and search, the following IPs could be shown:,, etc, as long as it has 110.199 in it.