About Us

9jaMKT is a free link shortening service, QR code converter and provider of various webmaster and business solutions. This service is owned by Masterweb Business Solutions. We also have many other services and build custom services for individuals and businesses to serve specific needs. We have a possibility machine and a Randon number generator

Contact Us

You can reach us by email for anything. If you experience any issues while using our service, please send us a mail. If you have a suggestion on how we can get better, please get to us. The email is contact@9jamkt.com

Marketing / Advertising

We advertise on this website. We accept banner and text method of advertising. We show these to users who are here to get short links, converts link to QR codes and track performance of their links via Analytics and make use of our other services. Do you need to reach out to the businesses using our service, contact us and advertise here via ads@9jamkt.com


We respect your privacy and are clear on data we collect. We collect emails from users to help them have a way to track their links. We will never use your emails for marketing. We save cookies to remind you of the email you last used while shortening links. We have no access to your private data. The Analytics are public for everyone.