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Why you need a short link or url?

  • Some urls are too long to be remembered, but you can easily remember a shortened url which is less than 16 characters, including the domain name
  • It takes less space to print short url on products, and services
  • And the worst, in marketing a website, some might avoid clicking on a link that already says what the page has. But short url creates surprises and increases the curiosity of users who would like to find out what they point to.

Why we need your email?

  • Before you can shorten a link, you should type in a valid email so that whenever you return here and input the email, every link you have shortened will appear. We do not use your email for marketing. We might send you details of how to track your shortened url and its QR code once.

Why QR Code?

  • QR code is now found on TVs, Malls, Newspapers, and everywhere. The scanners come with all smartphones. If you get the QRcode version of your link, you will not need to mention it to anyone. The smartphone will scan and open the web address automatically.

What you gain by using 9jaMKT to shorten links?

  • If you shorten a link here, you will get free Click Analytics. No installation or registration needed. Before you advertise a link, shorten the url, give the short version to your publisher alongside the link to track progress of clicks. We show you details of each click and the analytics is public. This means that you and the publisher can know exactly how many clicks came from the publisher's website. Many more goodies on the way!

Track Links

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